The Beginning

We start our website design process by finding out everything we will need to know about you and your company. What you do, your visions, goals, target market and competition. It all comes into play and will help us create you a website that can “grow” as your business gets larger.


Next we discuss what you would like your website to look like. If you have a design in mind, we will recreate it for you. If not, we will create at least 5 different templates for you, and from there you can either choose one or we can adjust it till you are happy. We talk about what menu items you will be needing (home, about, history, staff, sport, news, gallery, contact us, services, events – just as examples)

Gathering of information

We will require your help for this part, naturally. We understand that this process is time consuming, especially if your business is booming. What we will need is all the information and images that you would like to be displayed on your website. It’s easiest to email this to us in a microsoft word or pdf file.
It’s of great help if you can organize the information clearly under the relating menu item name (eg. Home page heading with the info you would like on the home page; Services page heading with all the information you would displayed on this page). This will greatly increase the speed of us sorting out and inserting your information in and getting your website online quickly

Final Proceedings

Once your preferred template has been chosen and we have received all the information that you would like to be on your site, we start combining the two. We will find a great layout portray all your information as detailed and crisp to the eye as possible. When we are done we will upload your website to your domain so that you can look at it live and decide on any final changes. And that’s it, your business will have its official home on the internet!
While your website may be up and running, our work won’t stop there. We will still be working on it behind the scenes doing some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website get more visitors.

** Your Domain

Your domain name is like your home address. It’s where people will find your business online (
We can register your domain at any time. All we need to do is make sure it is available. (You can check to see if the domain name that you would like is available here)

Once your domain has been registered, we can create your email addresses and send you all the information you will need to set them up.